Legowisko parapetnik dla kota [len] naturalne wypełnienie wełna / łuska gryczana, kolory

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In your hands and paws, we give you the unique lair, where you can decide how to fill it!

  • 100% natural filling
  • removable pillowcase
  • non-slip bottom
  • modern design
  • universal colors

The bed on the windowsill is perfect for observing the area, and cats love such a natural cinema <3 

Lanie poszewki KOCIstyl


The pillowcase is made of a durable linen fabric with a distinctive weave of irregular fibers, which gives it a very natural character. Vertical stitching on the sides of the bed are a subtle decorative element. Design is simple and timeless. The linen wrinkles strongly, giving the bed a unique texture.

antypoślizgowe dno z ukrytym zamkiem


At the bottom, we used a durable non-slip fabric so that the bed stays where you put it. A zipper is sewn into it, hidden so that it does not scratch the surfaces on which it lies. Thanks to the zipper, the cover can be removed and washed.

Sewing sewn are thicker than standard thread, so that the seams are much more durable. We choose the best quality fabrics for you, thick and dense that will last a long time. We select suppliers carefully, because their quality determines the quality of the final products.

The BED INSERT is sewn from certified bedding cotton filled with 100% natural filling - the choice is yours:

 wkład z wełny owczej legowisko dla kota


- adapts perfectly to the cat, while maintaining its flexibility

- maintains optimal body temperature, allowing you to rest and sleep in comfortable conditions, thanks to which your cat will never be too cold or too hot - even in hot weather. The heat protection results from the fluffiness and porous structure of the fibers

- thanks to its structure and high content of lanolin, it transports water to the outside and remains dry, protects the hair from dirt, thanks to which the beds stay fresh for a long time

- sheep fleece has anti-rheumatic properties and helps to relieve pain

- neutralizes harmful chemicals, also intense odors

- wool products are synonymous with luxury and comfort, and wool is one of the most expensive natural fibers

- comes from Polish breeding

wkład z łuski gryczanej legowisko dla kota


- adapts to the cat's shape by gently massaging it. It does not collapse under its weight, but it also does not spring. It is hard and flexible at the same time ... it cannot be described ... it resembles the popular sako poufs, but unlike them it does not compact or lose volume thanks to cellulose and lignin fibers. As it moves inside the pillow, the scale rustles subtly.

- effectively relieves muscle tension, helpful in fighting pain in muscles and joints

- antiallergic, thanks to the content of tannins and phenolic compounds, it prevents the development of house dust mites, arachnids, bacteria gram (+), gram (-)

- perfect for hot days - the pyramid-shaped buckwheat hulls ensure good air circulation: it absorbs the ambient temperature and does not heat up

- well cleaned, free from tailings and dust 

- retains its properties for about 10 years

- Polish organic farming

- heavy, weighs 2.5 kg


Both fillings are perfect for kneading...

...wool is light and springy...

...but buckwheat is very heavy and plastic.


These are original KOCIstyl projects, and our cats perform rigorous quality tests.

Creating the right conditions for your pets to relax and sleep is our priority.


DIMENSION: 65 x 25 cm, height 4 cm / 25,6 x 9,8 in, height 1,6 in (it is possible to adjust the size to your needs)

- linen 240g / m²
- bottom: polyester + PVC, 600g / m², metal lock
- polyester tag
Care: Hand or machine wash max. 40°C, gentle program. Do not bleach. Do not tumble dry. Iron, max. 150°C. Do not dry clean. Shrinkage 5%

- cotton 150g / m²
- sheep wool / buckwheat husk
Care: The pillow can be shaken, aired or cleaned with special "dry" cleaning agents. Do not wash or soak! In case of flooding, dry in a ventilated place.

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